Abby The IA

abby_the_ia_–Abby is an information architect in New York, and she was ready to move from a blog to a self hosted, custom WordPress site. Abby had amazing ideas for her site design, and her illustrations are a major feature in the custom theme.

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The Summer 2014 issue of Pom Pom Quarterly is out so that means it’s time for me to show you my latest pattern. First of all, if you’ve never heard of Pom Pom, you seriously need to go check them out. Listen to their podcast (or Pomcast) while you’re at it. This is Baya. Baya is a crescent shaped shawl […]

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slide test.   [slideshare id=2745984&doc=safepathholiday-091218145250-phpapp02]   screencastingarticle

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Kathy was ready to move away from a super old version of Movable Type and onto WordPress. She wanted a clean, simple look to her site that would look good on any device. We made the move fast and painless!

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Stephanie Klose


Stephanie wanted to spruce up her blog, and even drew elements that I ended up using in her custom WordPress theme. The result is a site that reflects Stephanie’s creativity and excellent taste.

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January One


Cara has been blogging for YEARS, and she was still using an old version of Movable Type. She wanted to move to WordPress, make her site fabulous on smartphones and tablets, and make it EASY for her to blog from her own phone!

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The Libby Law Firm


Custom WordPress theme for the Libby Law Firm, located in Atlanta, Georgia.
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Front end design for CustomFit, a fantastic web application that will produce bottom-up sweater patterns tailored to your body’s measurements.

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Patterns ~ BabyCocktails

Custom Blogger theme for BabyCocktails. Visit this site.

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Jaclyn Pawlowski

Jaclyn Pawlowski

Custom WordPress theme for Jaclyn Pawlowski. Visit this site.

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